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Ristorante La taverna Sul Lago

 The premises is born to the end of 1978 started from my father and my mother, Carmine and Giuseppina, then to the first crews with the attivity what was undertaking, but that in the course of the years they have known to develop and to carry ahead making steps from giant and maintaining that kitchen typical, traditional and simple that always ago riscoprire to our palates the bont? and genuinit? of our plates, and the Mediterranean Kitchen.

Later on am subentrati to their flank, I and my sister all and two coming from from the hotel school that we have increased? the possibilit? to propose to our customers a greater one? number of plates, always? remaining? it grabs hold of you to the choice to propose that genuine and traditional kitchen that in our premises they appreciate.

From little years, at last there are moves to you in the new structure that has given the possibilit to us? to still improve the qualit? of ours men? and of the service having on hand? all the one which needs in order to try to give to us every it turns the best.
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