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Primo piatto tipico realizzato con pasta fatta a mano e condito con pomodoro e basilicoWhat mainly it characterizes our Restaurant? the kitchen enough on the preparation of typical plates and it I use of genuine products all coming from from companies and local small farms. Appetizers, salami, salsicce can be savoured, prosciutto accompanied from roast fresh cheese, curds, funghetti roast and fantasiose bruschette. Between numerous the first plates they can be tasted “sagne to pezze”,… first typical, or the sagnette of farro with the ceci, prepared with one produced flour of farro biological from local agricultural companies, of the ribboned macaroni to the wild boar, the tagliatelle to the walnuts.
Gnocchi al ragù di cinghialeWhen the season allows the reperibilit? of the products, which tartufi and fungi, collected in our forests, we prepare gnocchi of potatoes for the tartufo and tagliatelle for the porcini. With our paste made in house we offer other prelibatezze to you.

Agnello alla grigliaIn every moment you can find of the lamb to the grill, arrosticini and trouts. On reservation you will only taste also rabbit with potatoes to the furnace, “under to the coppo” or cacciatore, polli, dumb game like wild boar, geese, “kidskin casce and 'where” and… many high ones specialit.

Our wine cellar offers to a chosen wine width, privileging those abruzzesi.
Of the good ones grappe, in end, with to bitters and dolcetti you they will delight the palate to fine table.
The Preparation of the Sopraelencati Plates depends on the reperibilit? they of the products ages.