Il Lago Di Sant’Angelo o Di Casoli Print E-mail
The Lago of Sant? Angel? state constructed to the end of the years? 50 and, also being of artificial origin, perfectly turn out inserted in its acquired landscaped context having also, in the time, natural characteristics of pregio. Its position turns out in fact much evocative one encircled com? from an immense one lecceta, dominated from the medioevale tower of Prata and with the majestic scene of the depositor it orients them of the massive one of the Majella. On its sides extend wide saliceti and driven in canes field? that they number the presence of one not common species, Smaller Tifa? where which find shelter numerous species animals Greater Svasso, Martin Pescatore, Germano Reale, Folaghe and Gallinelle d? water, Merlon Water carrier and Yellow dancer. In the migratory periods, and in particular in sostano winter, you for long periods Aironi, Cicogne, Cormorani while various observations in riproduttivo period of Nitticora they make to hope in one possible nidificazione of some exemplary.

Text of Mario Pellegrini